The initiative

Our CSR campaign with Yukino Ikeshiro, also known as Pokke104, marks a significant milestone in our commitment to environmental sustainability. As an acclaimed environmental artist, Yukino brings a unique perspective to our collaboration, infusing our efforts with creativity and passion.

Together, we launched our initiative to switch to recyclable boxes. Her creative vision reflects our commitment to minimising our environmental impact while also transforming our shipping boxes into works of art.

Through this collaboration, we aim to raise awareness about the importance of sustainability in the jewellery industry and inspire others to adopt more environmentally friendly practices. Not only are we demonstrating our commitment to environmental responsibility, but we also celebrate the beauty of art and nature intertwined.

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About the artist

Yukino Ikeshiro, also known as Pokke104, is a Tokyo and Okinawa-based artist whose creativity is inspired by the vibrant shapes & colours of the ocean, forest, and cultural nuances.

With a deep appreciation for Japanese culture and the natural environment, Yukino designed Noora Shawqi’s new recyclable shipping boxes, embodying sustainability & using natural elements that represent Japan. Yukino’s creative vision reflects the brand’s commitment to minimising environmental impacts while also transforming the shipping boxes into works of art, marking a significant milestone in the brand's commitment to environmental sustainability.

The design put together for the box uses elements known to Japan’s culture and nature. It combines motifs of the mountain, sea, seasonal plants, and a crane, all that are representing symbols of Japan.


About the collection

The CSR campaign with Pokke104 was launched in dedication to the Japan collection. The Japan collection embodies the country's culture and spirit of its people into each piece. This collection creates pieces that have timeless elegance and cultural relevance by fusing tradition and modernity to capture the vibrancy of its people and their rich heritage.

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